Malu Maiese began in 2005 presenting collections based on award-winning Brazilian artists with a very special touch of originality. Naturally, orders have grown every year until the designer began designing and manufacturing her own collections, giving new impetus to the company's growth.



Malu Maiese jewellery collection incorporates modern and innovative designs dedicated to the modern woman. Our pieces are hand crafted and released in limited quantities.

The fusion of design with the different elements of nature, such as natural stones, pearls, wood and horn, give a unique touch of exclusivity and authenticity to each piece.



We use two types of materials in the creation of the pieces of our collection. We have pieces that are created in 925 or 950 silver, with most of them also available in an 18 karat gold plated version.

Most of our pieces are made using a process developed by us in which the base of each piece is an alloy of noble materials, formed by copper and zinc. The addition of a layer of palladium protects the piece from rust and darkening as is the case with silver, in addition to shielding it and transforming it into a hypoallergenic piece. Our pieces are plated with white gold (rhodium) or 18 karat yellow gold through a process called electroplating that consists of coating a metal piece with thin layers of gold and/or rhodium. For each piece of our collection we carefully define the amount of gold needed to ensure maximum quality and durability. In addition, many pieces in our collection are designed with zirconia, which are embedded, using the same method of high jewellery. These pieces form our Premium range for which we offer a 1 year warranty for any manufacturing defect.


"Piccola" Collection: Jewellery with minimalist designs, easy to combine, affordable prices and encompassing all the trends of each season.

"Swarovski" Collection: Incorporating the beauty of Swarovski crystals, the jewels in this collection are designed to bring timeless elegance and sophistication to each piece.

“Shine” Collection: Accessories that will add sophistication to any look, designed for special occasions such as weddings or formal parties. We have options for those who are looking for something along the lines of “less is more” as well as for those who prefer statement pieces, who follow the concept of “less is too little” when creating their looks.

"OnlyForYou" Collection: Unique pieces, 100% handmade for those who value a wholesome lifestyle. Mixing natural stones, pearls, woods and mother of pearl with pieces covered in 18 karat gold, we create contemporary and versatile pieces that can be used daily or with more sophisticated looks.

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